7 foot gun still fires.

A Baptist church in Nagaland.

A headhunter and his grandchild.

A Khasi kitchen in Meghalaya.

A tattooed headhunter.

A village Chief and his son.

A warrior from a bygone era.


All dressed up for a festival.

animal skulls.

Antique artifacts.

At a village resthouse.

Back from the fields.

Blue mountains.

Call of the great beyond.

Camping by the side of the lake.

Checking out a traditional dormitory.

Children filling water in bamboo.

Crossing the lake.



Dirt bike.

DIrty after a fall.

Drinking tea in bamboo cups.

Elephant safari at Kaziranga.

Firing muzzle loaders...at will.

Frogs are tasty.

Heads collected in battle.

Home decor..Naga style.

Bike ready to cross

Kamakhya temple.

Lotha Naga kitchen.

Monoliths of Meghalaya.

nice view.

Old and new.

On the way to fetch water.

One horn rhino at Kaziranga.

Peaceful, isnt it!.

Playful children.

Radio Ga Ga.

Rain shelter.


Road less travelled.

Road through dense forest.

Smiles allaround.

Some more skulls.

The warrior and the village chief.

Village school.