Day 1 - Ghy - Shillong - Cherrapunjee (150 km)

We will ride through beautiful twisty roads of Meghalaya. We might face a little rain on the way to Cherrapunjee. Stay at Cherra Resort.

Day 2 - Cherrapunjee

Explore some of longest limestone caves in Asia and walk on the living root bridges.

Day 3 - Cherra - Shillong - Nameri (320km)

The longest riding day of the tour. 95 kms will be on mountain roads and the rest on good wide roads with a few bad patches due to road construction. We will stay at the Nameri Eco Camp in Assam.

Day 4 - Nameri

Relax in the jungle resort after a hard day's riding. Enjoy the sight and sound of the jungle. You can have a go at river rafting or try and catch some Masher.

Day 5 - Nameri - Bomdila - Dirang (145 kms)

We enter Arunachal Pradesh and start riding on the hills again today. Narrow roads with amazing greenery all around.

Day 6 - Dirang - Sela Pass - Tawang (145 kms)

Again we ride on narrow roads and in all possibilities, we will come across a few landslides, which can be rather time consuming. We will cross Sela Pass, which at 14,500 ft, is one of the highest motorable roads in the country. Calls for cautious riding as there will be snow on the road. We will ride down to 10,000 ft to reach Tawang.

Day 7 - Tawang

Visit the 400-year-old Monastery where HH The Dalai Lama took shelter after he fled Tibet during the Chinese invasion. If the weather permits, we will also visit Yimithang - on the borders of China.

Day 8 - Tawang - Dirang (135 kms)

We come down the same way we had gone up.

Day 9 Dirang - Nameri - Kaziranga (200 kms)

Back in Assam. Again we ride back the same except for the last 60 kms. We will stay at Raw Tourism Resort at Kaziranga National Park. You can stay in tents or in a bamboo machan. Set in a dry river bed, the resort is surrounded by mustard fields for miles. Do not except any star hotel treatment here. Since we will reach late, we wont be able to inside the park today. Enjoy the evening by the bonfire and under a million stars.




Day 10 - Kaziranga National Park

We will go in for elephant safari in the early morning and top it up with a jeep safari in the evening. Hope to see the endangered Rhino up close. Another bonfire night.

Day 11 - Kaziranga -Jorhat - Majuli Island (90 kms)

We cross over to Majuli today, the world's largest river island. We will take a 2.5-hour ferry ride across the Bhramaputra River to reach the island. We will stay at a lovely lodge entirely built on bamboo and on stilts. Explore the island a little in the evening. Enjoy traditional Assamese food.

Day 12 - Majuli

The white sand of the Brahmaputra and the Luit River offers great opportunity for some fun offroading. You can have half a day of offroading fun in the sand and have lunch by the side of the river. Have a swim or go boating in the river. Check out the traditional masks that a family in the island have been making since the last 100 years. They have kept a dying tradition alive.

Day 13 - Majuli - Jorhat - Sibsagar -Mon -(185 kms)

After a 2.5 -hours of boat ride, we will ride on straight roads through tea plantations and 45kms of narrow hills to reach Mon in Nagaland. Mon is the headquarters of the Konyak Naga. The most feared warriors in all of Nagaland. We will stay at Interior Adventure Resort.

Day 14 / 15- Mon

The Konyaks practiced headhunting in living memory. The warriors, who have 'collected heads' in' wars' with other tribes and the British, were decorated with tattoos on the bodies and faces. The more heads a warrior collected, the more intricate the tattoos grew and with them, his esteem in the society also grew. Since headhunting is a thing of the past, no more tattoos are done. All the tattooed warriors are quite old and in a few years' time, there will be none left. See their collection of human skulls -Trophies from battles.
The Konyaks are excellent craftsmen and make fantastic muzzle loading guns and pistols. You can fire these guns too. Check out their amazing handicrafts also. Explore villages that seem to be caught in a time warp and interact with real warriors and powerful village chief. We will stay in the village.

Day 16/17- We ride back to Guwahati for your return journey.

There are people who might find the 17 day trip a little hectic. If they are from the same group, we can rework the schedule by a couple of days and make the trip a more relaxed.