You will ride through lush green tea plantations and on to Majuli, Asia's largest river island and also a World Heritage site, see the endangered Great One Horned Rhino and hordes of other rare wildlife in Kaziranga National Park. You will stay in the cleanest village in Asia located in the beautiful hill state of Meghalaya, walk on living root bridges, crawl through some of the longest limestone caves of Asia and visit Cherrapunjee, the wettest place on earth.

Across the Sela Pass (14,500 ft) in Arunachal Pradesh, one of the highest motor-able pass in the world, lies the 600 year old Buddhist monastery of Tawang, the second largest in Asia. In Tawang, you will ride on the road through which HH The Dalai Lama had escaped to India when China invaded Tibet. The lush green untouched forests of Arunachal Pradesh will entice you to push deeper into the area and you will meet numerous hill tribes along the way whose lifestyles have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Sample their food and stay in their houses built on bamboo stilts. We will take you for walks into the jungle and cross roaring rivers and streams on wildly swinging but absolutely safe cane bridges. You can pay tribute to the soldiers who fell in WW II and ride on the famous Stillwell Road, built at a great human cost, to stop the invading Japanese war machine.

Adventure motorcycling in North East India takes an exciting meaning as you take a two hour ferry ride across the mighty Brahmaputra River. You will meet real warriors in Nagaland who practiced headhunting in living memory and see their collection of human skulls. These old warriors are decorated with tattoos on the faces and bodies. The old warriors will not survive for long and with them, a unique tradition and culture will disappear forever. Meet them before they vanish forever and see their amazing war dance.



Spend time with the fantastic craftsmen and gunsmiths who make fabulous muzzle loaders and you can also test fire them; almost 'at will'. Visit the fascinating local weekly markets, drink the home brewed rice beer in large bamboo mugs, walk the eco trail and those who love angling can go after the huge Masher at the beautiful Nameri National Park.

We do not have watertight and sterile itinerary. You are free to explore this land. Certain amount of flexibility and spontaneity certainly makes motorcycle touring more exciting. We will ride a maximum of approximately 350 kilometers a day and in moderate terrain. Below are a couple of itinerary from which you may choose.

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